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It is estimated that up to one in ten Australian PCs on the net may be compromised at any one time. Failure to clean your system can result in your PC

  • Being quarantined from accessing the Net
  • Further infecting other systems on your wireless or cabled network
  • Open your system to further hacking or mischief
  • Losing your precious data
  • Undermining the trust your colleagues may have in dealing with you on the net; and
  • Reducing the performance of your computer making it sluggish and unreliable.

icode - the Internet Industry Association's voluntary ISP Code

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Known as the icode, it is designed to reduce the growth in zombie PCs on the internet through educational initiatives such as this site.

The voluntary code of practice is available at


The code will be implemented from 1 December 2010.

This page will be elaborate educational and security options as well as ISPs that have volunteered to abide by the code.

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